Update 1: Helpful hints and bug fixes

Just a quick update to help people understand the game, and also address some minor bugs.

  • Added: Tip messages appear to tell you what’s wrong with what you’re trying to do. E.g. Not enough metals or Tile is not connected
  • Enhanced: Aggro’d bots will not constantly re-acquire targets, and should move more smoothly towards their target (rather than previously dancing back and forth)
  • Fixed: Bots were (incorrectly) ALWAYS checking for enemies, even if none nearby or already had target. This should improve performance.
  • Fixed: Trying to drop unit on invalid tile would spam the failed sound
  • Fixed: (HTML) Selecting a room to place would immediately spend metals for one tile and play fail sound
  • Fixed: Overclock ability was incorrectly measuring distant from mouse. Should now be easier to use.
  • Fixed: Failed selections now properly play sound.

The game in its current state is unlikely to be further developed. I intend to some day rebuild the engine to improve performance and support mobile devices.


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Jun 29, 2018

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  • Nerfed final wave: enemies shouldn't spawn so frequently.
  • Fixed: Crash caused by null object.