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Weekly Game Jam #50: Remake a Classic

This is my tribute to a Bullfrog classic: Dungeon Keeper. Heavily influenced by DK2, but with a robotic and futuristic twist. Lead your army of Roomba's and Killbots towards the ultimate goal of assimilating all organic life. Expand, exploit and exterminate!

Your ultimate goal is to reach the next portal, but first you should first expand to gather metals and build an army. You will find it difficult at first!


  • Scroll: W,A,S,D or Mouse
  • Zoom: Mouse wheel or Q,E
  • Pause: ESC
  • Pick up unit: Left click
  • Drop unit: Right click
  • Jump to Gateway: Space
  • NOTE: Scroll wheel probably won't work unless fullscreen.


Due to extensive use of video memory to improve performance, devices with low video memory will struggle (mobile especially will not work).

WebGL is pretty much required. I may upload a native desktop build for Windows/OSX/Linux if there is interest.


  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • Asset Forge


  • Game programming and art done by myself, NickToony
  • Extensive play-testing by Athcon
  • KenneyNL assets used for UI and sounds

Extra Tips

  • Units have a limited aggro range. You must pick them up and place them where they're needed!
  • Roomba's will automatically place floors and fortify. Building a floor connects the tile. Fortifying a wall makes it harder to penetrate.
  • You can only build or place units on tiles connected to your base. Wait for Roomba's to build out the tiles.


Download 6 MB

Development log


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Very impressive graphic style!

there is a glitch i encountered where if human pods spawn next to each other the bots cant get them because the humans come out at at different times